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New Student System
The MyUNLV Student System allows faculty and staff to view student data, input grades, and retrieve class rosters.

For training or access to MyUNLV, contact pstraining@unlv.edu. Please include your name, department, telephone, and the student information you need access to.

Systems Access
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UNLV Security Application Forms
You must submit application forms to gain access to secured UNLV systems such as Advantage/Financial Data Warehouse and HRMS/Web Contracts. The Application for Administrative Account form must be completed regardless of the specific system to which you are requesting access. For the main systems, an additional application form must be completed for each system requested. For your convenience, these applications have been combined into one web entry form.

The security applications must be completed on line, but they cannot be submitted on line. Paper copies with signatures are still required. You may view specific instructions for completing each application by clicking the “Procedures” button provided on each form. These procedures may be printed if you wish. It is suggested that you read the procedures for each application that pertains and gather all necessary information before you begin to fill out the forms. The information that you enter will not be saved when you exit your browser.

When you open the forms, you will initially see only the Application for Administrative Account form. When you check a box (or boxes) under the "Applications and Services Requested" section, the appropriate additional form(s) will be added to the web display. When you click the "Print Application" button at the bottom of the forms, each form will print on a separate sheet of paper. You and the person authorizing your request must sign EACH FORM. Mail or deliver the forms to OIT Application Security, Mail Stop 1050.